Peter L. Skeggs

pls =at- noeticdesign -dot= com

Professional Objective

Utilize my experience in the embedded systems, consumer and hobby robotics, and data storage industries to develop leading edge solutions to difficult problems.

Work Experience

Senior Software Engineer, Verlitics (aka Emme Energy, aka Home Comfort Zones, Inc.), Portland, OR, 2012

Chief Engineer, Noetic Design, Inc., Portland, OR, 1993-present

Advisory Engineer, Iomega Corporation, IOTAPE Division, San Diego, CA, 1990-93

SCSI Firmware Engineer, Cipher Data Products, San Diego, CA, 1989-90

Lead Software Developer, ISi / Literal Corp., Colorado Springs, CO, 1985, 1986-89

Engineering Intern, Xanar Surgical Laser Systems, Colorado Springs, CO, 1982-1984 (summers)



Contact Information

Email pls*at# noeticdesign (dot) com
Fax (503) 223-9470
Phone (503) 223-9239

25 NW 23rd PL STE 6
PMB 181
Portland, OR 97210


Last updated 25 September 2012.